pizza thief owners tony pasquale and darby aldaco stand in front of the cash register at pizza thief

The Pizza & The Thieves

 A lot of our creative inspiration behind Pizza Thief and Bandit Bar stems from our mischievous and playful spirits. In our formative years, we were notorious for stealing pizzas from our local pizzerias. At the tender age of 18 I (Darby Aldaco) was arrested for stealing a Domino’s pizza, charged $8 for my crime, and subsequently lost my date to prom. As a teenager, my brothers and I (Tony Pasquale) would dare each other to steal pizzas from stopped delivery cars in the neighborhood. Somehow, after our pizza bandit days, we found one another, became friends, then housemates and now are ready to start our pizza dynasty.

Our love for pizza is unrivaled, and along the years we have noted elements of our favorite pizzerias and bars to create a unique space and dough for our pizzeria and bar in Northwest Portland’s Slabtown.  A spin on a NY style pie, we serve 18” pizzas and large slices, our dough is naturally leavened with a precise combination of sourdough and whole grains with high hydration that makes for an excellent texture, crumb, and flavor.  All of our ingredients come from locally sourced farms, markets and mills here in the Northwest.

We are currently open for lunch and dinner service (12-9p) with pizzas, slices, sandwiches (12-4p), salads, sweet hand pies, and cookies.   Our wine list is made up from some of the best natural and traditional small wineries in Italy and here in Oregon and Washington.  Our beer selection is curated with a focus on the local breweries in and around Portland.


2610 Northwest Vaughn Street, Portland, Oregon 97210

[email protected]

Dine-in & Take-out 12pm-9pm
Take-out & Delivery 11:30am-9pm
Closed Tuesday